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Mister Herman’s Production Company has branched out into the field of book cover art. I work primarily with photograph manipulation using a variety of imaging filters and Photoshop techniques. However, I do know some illustrators at hand who can bring your cover idea to life. Click on the images at right to see larger versions. If you’re in the market for a book cover yourself, please contact Inspiration for Writers or feel free to email me to talk about the possibilities at

   Hero Birds-tnFMOF-Full Cover for MHHPconsternation cover 4 mhhp
gold-of-the-spirits-cover-tnpresidents-gold-cover-ebook-medium-201x300BuckleUpButtercup-cover-smallfrontier-surgeon-cover-final-smallsandlick-hollow-full-cover-FINAL-small gap-hollow-full-size-5-21-smallconcrete-girl-cover-tnseeking-the-swan-front-cover-small blind-fear-thumbsandlick-test-3mind-matter-and-god-cover-small

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