WV Writers Podcast interview with author Ed Davis


A new episode of the West Virginia Writers Podcast has been posted.

Ed Davis is the WV-native author of the novels I Was So Much Older Then  and  The Measure of EverythingHis third novel, The Psalms of Israel Jones was recently published by WV University Press.  It tells the story of a legendary hard-living, hard-lovin’, hard-drinkin’, and hard-druggin’ rockstar who, in his later years, develops something of a cult following.  Literally.  His son Thom, a conservative minister with some possible moral issues of his own, is led to join Israel’s tour by a mysterious phone call.  He finds himself once again thrust into his estranged father’s chaotic world of tour busses, dive-bar shows, and… snake-handlers?

In Episode 75 of the West Virginia Writers Podcast, I sit down with Davis for an interview about the novel and his other work.  This was recorded during the Lewisburg Literary Festival on August 8, 2015.

Listen to it HERE.

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