Skinwalker Waltz (a ghazal)

skinwalker waltz photo

a ghazal

Beneath constellations sewn into night’s veil, we meet in the shadows,
Our motion disturbing only leaves, casting only moon shadows.

We turn gracefully in time to cricket song, our tails entwined,
Retracing the steps of solstices past, gliding through the shadows.

On all other nights, I dream only of this one. Of you. And of our
Two shapes blending into one among the trees and shadows.

We discard the vulpine forms we wear within our separate packs,
True faces revealed only to one another, under cover of shadows.

Spheric sun will soon pierce night’s veil, leaving us in its cruel light,
Tearing us, another year, from the warm embrace of the shadows.



Written by Eric Fritzius, author of the short story collection A Consternation of Monsters.

Art by Jorn Mork. Jorn is a Minnesota native living in Lewisburg ,W. Va.  Jorn creates paintings, hand-colored etchings and etching constructions as well as whimsical mobiles and wall pieces. Her artwork is a reflection of her emotions as they relate to her family, nature, spirituality and her personal view the world. Jorn has exhibited nationally and has won numerous awards in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota and West Virginia.

This exhibit was part of the 2016 Lewisburg Literary Festival.


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