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A new and stellar review of A Consternation of Monsters has just been posted at the review blog of playwright and writer Jason Half.  I recently met him in Clarksburg at the West Virginia Playwrights Festival, where three of my plays received staged readings.  I was stunned afterward when he told me that he’d traveled to Clarksburg from his home in Ohio specifically to see the stage adaptation of my story “…to a Flame” because he’d read A Consternation of Monsters, had enjoyed the original prose version there and wanted to see how it translated.  My wife and I hardly had room in the car for the two of us and my swelled head after that.

Check out his review and his blog.


Another review has appeared before me!

Ed Davis (author of The Psalms of Israel Jones: A Novel) has written a lovely review of A Consternation of Monsters that appears at Zoetic Press’s blog Our Rizomatic Ideas.  Check it out, there.

Also check out The Psalms of Israel Jones, which is the book I coincidentally am finishing up this week.  At it’s heart, it’s a father-and-son relationship struggle story, but in which the father is a hard-drinkin, hard-loving, hard-living folk/rock legend with dozens of albums to his name, and the son is a recovering alcoholic preacher, pursued by a moral quandary or two of his own. It’s a very good read with some truly beautiful turns of phrase and quite a bit of insight into the human condition.

Reviews and more Reviews!

The book has received two glowing reviews in the past couple of weeks.

A brand new review, posted just today, is from the Unlimited Book Reviews blog.  I’m frankly lucky to have had my book reviewed by Ingeious Cat at all, for she does not dig on the horror.  Fortunately, my characters and funny won out in the end.  She does a lot of reviews of ebooks and beyond and offers a free update service to let you know when new reviews are posted, which is how I saw my review when it arrived.  Thanks much I.C.!

And a review that I mentioned on the A Consternation of Monsters Facebook page, but somehow neglected to mention here, is Joey Madia’s amazing review of it at his New Mystics Reviews blog.  What’s impressive to me is that Joey’s review hits mighty close to the target on a few points I intentionally left vague in the stories. For instance, he nails the setting of a story in which the setting is left veiled at best. And the fact that he picked up on Kindred Spirit’s similarity to Ekhart from the 1989 Batman is nigh on the money. (Kin’s look was definitely an inspiration for that character, when that story was first written, in a year way closer to 1989 than to 2015.)  Thanks much, Joey. Glad you liked it.


The reviews are coming in on A Consternation of Monsters.  Amazon has a couple of nice ones, one of which is by author Elizabeth Love, who runs the site WriterBee’s Book Reviews.  Check out her review there.  An excellent and positive gander at the book.

My favorite quote from it so far is about Limited Edition: 

Limited Edition plays upon the franchise of the Antiques Roadshow, bringing to light that out there, among the wealth of rare human collectibles (and the myriad piles of junk we collect), are hidden objects far older and more intrinsically important to human existence and progress than our shallow brains can fathom.”

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